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Professional Cleaning - Commercial & Industrial 
(Encapsulation Technology​)

At CB Platinum Professional services we use the encapsulation technique for commercial and industrial carpet cleaning. We ensure that we are always using the latest technology with environmentally safe cleaning products.  Encapsulation Technology is this is a simple and effective that successfully fixes common commercial carpet problems!  Encapsulation is fast becoming the method of choice for maintaining commercial carpets due to the process where polymers dry to a crystal. This crystal is not sticky; instead, it allows easy removal with subsequent vacuuming.

For Residential Cleaning our staff comes from a combined experience of over 15 years.  We ensure that all our products are household friendly and eco friendly.  We ensure that each home is cleaned according to its needs and specific designs.  We ensure that we discuss with the house owner specific areas of cleaning or exactly what their expectations are.  Ater our staff finishes their cleaning job, we ensure that we provide White Glove treatment so if anything is not done according to your expectation we get it done right.

In these times where safety and trust are utmost concerns of every client, we stand behind our staff and you have our word that we will not leave your premises without guaranteed satisfaction.

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